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Re: The Supplements Thread

Postby MauriceGains » Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:17 pm

I've only used E&Es and a couple of Siegel's thus far.

- Civ.Pro.: Didn't touch it, my professor laid out everything amazingly well.
- Con.Law: Only six weeks in, but not a boost at all so far. One Ronnie out of five.
- Contracts: Helpful, but I can imagine others are better. A great professor and lots of extra review sessions made the difference. Two and a half Ronnies out of five.
- Crim.Law: Excellent so far, but I'm only 1/3 of the way into the semester. Four Ronnies out of five.
- Property: My casebook sucks, and my professor doesn't seem interested in reviewing BLL in class. This book is great. Four and a half Ronnies out of five.
- Torts: Again, my casebook didn't provide much assistance, and the class was taught to the lowest common denominator. This book taught me a lot of the nuance of the doctrines and paid off with an A. Five Ronnies out of five.

- Contracts: Pretty helpful, cracking down on hypos. > studying case precedent, and my professor didn't have many old exams to practice. Four Ronnies out of five.
- Torts: Waste of money, partly because my class didn't cover intentional torts and the hypos. here are largely intentional torts. Two Ronnies out of five.

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