Need Civ Pro Help

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Need Civ Pro Help

Postby ryno8cubs5 » Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:53 am

My Civ Pro II class covers what most schools cover in Civ Pro their first semester. I was wondering if anyone has any kick ass outlines, flow charts, anything really. My professor is the Dean of the law school and hasn't taught Civ Pro since 2008, so no one has any outlines for him. He has taught pretty basic stuff, so I think that any up to date outline and flow charts would help out a ton.

We covered:
Personal Jurisdiction (and all the jurisdictional stuff)
Long-arm Statutes
Minimum contacts, notice, etc.
Manner of Serving Process
Discretionary Decline of Venue
Choosing the Forum
Amount in Controversy
Federal Question Jx
Supplemental Jx
Choosing the Law to be Applied in Federal Court
Determining State Law
The "Conver Eerie" Problem
Eerie Doctrine
Federal Common Law
Preclusive Effects of Judgment
Res Judicata
Claim Preclusion
Exceptions to the General Rule of Splitting a Cause of Action
Precluding Cross Claims and Counter Claims
Final Judgments on the Merits
Preclusion in State-Federal Court Adjudications
Issue Preclusion
Same Issue Litigated
Alternative Grounds for Decision
Persons Bound by Judgments
Mutuality by Estoppel

If anyone has anything on this stuff, I would appreciate it greatly. It's an open note test and only 2 credit hours, but we covered so much it seems daunting. You can PM me or post links in this thread. I am sure that anything you post will be beneficial to some 1Ls. Hell, maybe some 1Ls can help a 2L out in this thread.


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Re: Need Civ Pro Help

Postby mr.hands » Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:13 pm

You want notes for the entire course?


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Re: Need Civ Pro Help

Postby ryno8cubs5 » Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:18 pm

No. I just listed what we went over so people will be able to know what I am looking for if they have it in their outline or not. And if they had any other materials that would be helpful for any of the areas.

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