What to do in "Crunch Time"?

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What to do in "Crunch Time"?

Postby ThreeRivers » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:14 am

Sooo.... It appears there are a lot of people that are spending WAY more time studying than me... I just do my readings for the next day / try to make sure I understand it and then go to class right now. Idk what else I should be doing tbh, so I decided to map out what to do when I know I'll actually be working a lot harder...

How much time does one generally need to prepare once does one need to prepare once they are completely done with their outlines and such?

My schedule goes like this:

Last class- Wed. Dec 5

Final A- Tues Dec. 11
Final B - Fri Dec. 14
Final C - Mon Dec 17
Final D - Thurs. Dec. 20

Would this tentative schedule to prepare work?
Week of Sun. Oct 28... Organize / get all my notes together / so I can have a lot easier time outline
Week of Nov. 4... Outline for final A
Week of Nov. 11.. Outline for final B
Week of Nov. 18.. Outline for final C
Week of Nov. 25.. Outline for final D

I will only have one class the last week on Mon. / Tues.. So on those days I will touch up on outlines, so boom my outlines will be done when my last class ends.

What do I do then?

My thinking is:
Dec. 5 Prepare for final D
Dec. 6 Prepare for final c
Dec. 7 Prepapre for final B
Dec. 8 Prepare for final A

I then will have 2 days inbetween each final..

So for example:
Dec 9 /10 go all out on final A.. take final on Dec. 11
Dec. 12 / 13.. go all out on final B.. take final on Dec. 14

Repeat. for next 2

Would this seem like a good idea?

I figured durign my "final prep" for classes I'll just make sure my outline / BLL are completely memorized / take PT's. Can this be accomplished in 3 days for each class?


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Re: What to do in "Crunch Time"?

Postby blahblewblah » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:58 am

I think you are on the right track, but in my experience the process is more "organic" than what you have. While it is easy to say you are just going to outline one class in a week, I think that is harder said than done. You are going to need a little more overlap between classes. Additionally, I think you are underestimating how long it will take to update your outlines. Following your schedule, by the time you are done with class, you will still have to update a month or so of class A, 3 weeks of B, etc. That is a LOT of material.

One thing that I will recommend that really helped me (I struggled first semester but have done much better since then). I did kind of the same thing- finished all my outlines and jumped directly into practice tests. I think that I missed the trees for the forest- I saw the big picture, but never took the time to master the individual units. What I would do is spend a lot of time with the E&Es, Exam Pro series, Q&A series, Siegels, etc. trying to do as many multiple choice and short answer questions as I could. I found that I mastered individual subjects (like personal jurisdiction, consideration, mens rea, etc.) that I thought I knew, but never really mastered.


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Re: What to do in "Crunch Time"?

Postby ninereal » Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:10 pm

During 1L, I started doing outlines in early November - spent one weekend outlining Contracts, the next weekend on Civ Pro, the next on Torts. Then the next weekend I'd go back to Contracts, add the stuff we'd done since then, and pare down the old material. Continue that cycle until finals, with a brief break for your LRW final memo. That's what worked for me, anyway.

ETA: so, I guess pretty much your plan, although I would add that I was doing practice tests during the week.

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Re: What to do in "Crunch Time"?

Postby ThreeRivers » Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:26 pm

Yea.. I'm planning to update my outlines once I start them as well..

I guess I can start working through E&E's during this crunch time too.. Although I'm not quite sure if my "week per subject" would be enough to outline / go through E&E for that subject

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