Worth it to be a Teaching Assistant?

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Worth it to be a Teaching Assistant?

Postby tlsfan545 » Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:46 pm

Anyone have any experience/advice about being a TA? Basically - do you think the extra commitment is worth the benefits I'd get out of it (resume boost, relationship with professor, very small salary, etc.)?

I may have the opportunity to be the TA for a 1L class I did well in last year, but I'm unsure if it is worth the time commitment. I'm taking 5 classes and am on LR - not the most difficult schedule in the world but I can already tell I'll be pretty busy. I've heard being a TA can add 3-5 hours a week of office hours/other work. Are there really that many positives about being a TA that I shouldn't pass this up?

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Re: Worth it to be a Teaching Assistant?

Postby MBZags » Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:06 am

If you're interested in clerking, it might be worth it for the recommendation.


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Re: Worth it to be a Teaching Assistant?

Postby chicubs88 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:37 am

It probably depends on the class and professor's expectations of you. I'm TAing for a class this semester because I really like the professor and because the time commitment isn't terrible. Basically, I have to be available in the library for one hour a week to assist students, and of course, as deadlines get close I will have to be available to meet in person and answer emails as 1Ls freak out about their memos and briefs. Other than that, I think I have to give a brief intro to the Bluebook during one class period. For me, its worth the credit hour and the possible recommendation. Plus, nothing is sexier to 1L females than a man in a position of power...


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Re: Worth it to be a Teaching Assistant?

Postby hiima3L » Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:54 pm

I TA'd twice. I knew I'd really enjoy it (almost went into teaching instead of law), so that's why I did it. I TA'd LWR and Moot Court, so it was beneficial in that helping the 1Ls helped me improve my writing and mooting. It's nice mentoring and seeing the ones who care get the CALIs and the ones who don't get B-'s.

I got a great LOR from one of the profs who I had taken the class with the year before. She's now someone willing to do everything she can with her connections (she has a lot) that I think down the line are going to be very helpful. She also says she always looks for people who TA on their resume as it's often indicative of characteristics her firm wants (teamwork, non-gunner, etc.).

TL;DR 100% worth it to do it if you like teaching/mentoring and TA for a cool prof (adjuncts always are from my experience).

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