convince me to drop out of an 11-8 ranked law school!

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Re: convince me to drop out of an 11-8 ranked law school!

Postby dropout123 » Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:04 pm

Thanks for the advice everyone, such as it is. I don't want to drop out, and feel confident that I will be a good lawyer, but was considering it if my chances of getting nyc biglaw were too small given my grades to justify the investment in time/money. The consensus on the board seems to be that I am being too pessimistic, which I appreciate.

(And re: a good summer job, I agree that the only good summer job is a paid SA. That's why i put scare quotes around the word good in my original post. it's 'good' in the sense that i'll get some experience and talking points for interviews. and, further, a 'good' 9th circuit job is probably actually good compared to doing the same for a state level magistrate judge in iowa or something.)

What nyc firms do you think are best to target wit median from a school ranked 11-8? I don't go to duke, for what it's worth.

thanks trolls!

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