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Postby Reds622 » Wed May 02, 2012 10:42 pm

So this may sound stupid... Or not, no idea. Anyways got this great Con Law Exam Tomm that Im really looking forward to. Ive got a pretty good handle on the topics individually. Meaning Presidents War Powers, Commerce Clause, Dormant, Privileges and immunities etc.. I guess my question is having a hard time putting it all together. Im not quite sure Im missing something, or not. Are all these topics interrelated? If I do a Dormant Commerce Clause analysis, I obviously realize I wont be doing a presidential war powers analysis, but do any of these other topics go together? ANY HELP, greatly appreciated. Please.


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Re: Question

Postby TFR » Wed May 02, 2012 11:09 pm

1) Dormant CC/ PI Clause are usually in same issue but -> PI Cl. is to individual

2) Comm. CL. can be limited by 1st. Am./Eq. Prot./Due Process

3) War powers (domestic) can be limited if Congress has taken an action through comm. clause and negates what pres. is doing -> jackson in youngstown.

4) Justiciability can always be an issue in any hypo you mentioned

5) If state has taken action by law you can have more than one of these issues in one hypo: DCC/Due process/Eq. Prot./1st Amend./Establishment-free excers.

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