Game on - anyone want to go over Siegel's crim?

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Game on - anyone want to go over Siegel's crim?

Postby bartleby » Mon Apr 09, 2012 5:17 am

I am gunning hard. I am in a weird position where my three closest buds - 2 have slacked off and 1 may be running with another crew. I do not want to join this other group of 3 dudes because I know we will end up talking about girls often.

If anyone wants to go over Siegel's crim, preferably someone w/ Dressler, I am down.

No face time, nothing strange like that. Just emails or PMs w/ outlined answers or fully typed out exchanges and any questions when reading each others answers - tips on how to improve.

I am down to set a schedule. My exam is exactly 4 mundays from today.

PM me.

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