Integrated Programs (trial advocacy/transactional)

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Integrated Programs (trial advocacy/transactional)

Postby arvcondor » Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:01 am

My school offers both integrated trial ad and transactional programs. The former incorporates trial ad I and Evidence the fall semester, and trial ad II and civ pro II the spring semester. Transactional is trusts/estates in fall and professional responsibility in spring, with transactional skills sessions during both.

It's possible to not do the integrated program and just do one trial ad class in spring, and evidence in the fall. I'm wondering if there's some imperative, though, to complete one of these programs. I'm in a similar situation with a lot of the other posters in that I could sort of see myself going in either direction (litigation/transactioanl) and I don't know if signing up for one of these is going to tie me down, or if I would still be able to explore some transactional stuff. Ultimately, does any employer give a shit about this?

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