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Re: Top 30% at T30-40 - Advice

Postby sillyboots » Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:11 pm

I agree that if you're following the class well, and your teacher isn't a socratic maniac who avoids all declarative sentences, then supplements aren't necessary and may only be marginally helpful. Still, no matter how much I felt like I "got it", reading over the relevant section of a hornbook or supplement always produced 1-2 additions to my outline. A lot of the time it was nuanced application of what I learned in class.

For example, in class we learned about nominal consideration in contracts, and learned that part of the policy justification for courts not enforcing contracts with mere nominal consideration is that they don't see it to be their place to enforce gratuitous promises. That's easy enough to remember, and it certainly made sense to me and made it obvious why we wouldn't enforce a contract to buy a house for a dollar, but one thing that the E&E mentioned was that because of this policy justification, courts are not likely to find nominal consideration in regard to options contracts because even if it's just a dollar, the motive almost certainly isn't gratuitous, but instead to motivate the potential purchaser to strongly consider the purchase. Again, it's not "new" information, but having seen a somewhat creative argument based on the policies we learned in class makes it easier and faster to identify similar possible arguments in the hypo.

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Re: Top 30% at T30-40 - Advice

Postby johansantana21 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:28 pm

SBL wrote:For the record that was my exact GPA after the first semester of 1L and I ended up with a firm job. (I go to a peer school of OP's.) The thing about grades is that they can improve if you learn from your mistakes.

OP, double down on studying, figure out what went wrong, write practice exams, and report back after the spring. You're not in drop-out territory, but if you don't pull the grades up you're looking at small firms or govt. work.

Just for clarity, does the firm job pay around market?

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