Contracts ?

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Contracts ?

Postby RR320 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:02 am

Please let me know what issues could be raised....

Client told real estate agent to go forward and advertise his house for $445,000. He also told her he was prepared to accept any offer above $415,000. Real estate agent told client that she thinks X might buy the house at that price. She puts the ad in the paper running it at 450K. Real estate agent calls and tells client that she just negotiated with X and that he agreed to buy the house for 415K. Client told real estate agent, he would not sell to X unless someone gave him, a guarantee that X would go through with the deal and pay 415K because he knew X and doubted X would be able to raise the money. Real estate agent told client not to worry, he had her promise and guarantee that X would honor the deal and pay the purchase price.

Two weeks later realtor calls client and says she got a letter from X saying he could not raise the money and therefore could not go through with the deal to buy the house.

What claims does client have against X?

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