Can distribution of proceeds be decided by only one side?

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Can distribution of proceeds be decided by only one side?

Postby bbwinston » Sat Dec 10, 2011 8:04 pm

Bill Graham, an experienced promoter and producer of musical concerts, entered into a contract with Leon Russell, a rock singer who did business under the corporate name Scissor-Tail, Inc., whereby Graham would promote several concerts for Russell. Russell belongs to the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), a union that represented most big-name musicians. The contract between Graham and Russell was on a standard, preprinted form required to be used by all AFM members. The contract contained an arbitration clause that requires any disputes regarding the contract to be heard and decided by the executive board of the AFM. When a monetary dispute arose between Graham and Russell regarding the division of proceeds from the concerts, Graham sued Russell in Court. Decision?

I think Graham appears to be breaching the agreement by suing.
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Re: Contract problem

Postby lawnerd1 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 8:21 pm

In all 3 of the posts you've created copy and pasting your assigned hypotheticals it seems like you've left out some pertinent details. In this one, you didn't ask a question. What are you asking here?

From what you've given it seems like Graham would know of the trade practices since he is an experienced and legendary promoter and Russell is equally experienced since he is in the music hall of fame. They'd probably have to adhere to the arbitration clause. It seems like there is a bunch of background info missing.

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