Motion vs. answer

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Re: Motion vs. answer

Postby Renzo » Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:24 am

Guchster wrote:
CanadianWolf wrote:@Guchster: What are the "few ignorant statements" to which you refer in your post above ?

Not to out people but the first two responses to OP were wrong. Also, I'm glad styrofoam cup came clean.

Your answers, and especially nihilism is key's, are TCR.

1) Being passive-aggressive is more annoying than 'outing' someone.

2) As I said in my second post, I misunderstood what the OP was asking. Thus, my answer could have been misleading. And, that's why, after reading CanadianWolf's post (which did actually answer the question), I posted again to clarify.

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