Law School Headstart Advice

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Law School Headstart Advice

Postby Extension_Cord » Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:26 am

Some of us might want to do some brief reading for our Spring classes during our winter break so i thought we could recommend some books / audio tapes / or other supplements to make the most of the headstart. Nothing ridiculous but just something you thought would have helped you in preparing for classes. I'll edit this message and add others recommendations as we receive them.

Contracts I:
I'd recommend Chirelstein's Concepts And Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts. Its only 230 some pages and is a very easy and somewhat enjoyable read. You could sit down and read it in a day and it would give you a very general outline (minus the Statute of Frauds) of what you will go over in your Contracts I class. You can pick up the 2006 edition from Amazon for less than $10 used. In my opinion this is the perfect brief read before your Contracts I class. If you are looking for something a little more detailed then I would recommend the E&E, but I think most E&E's are best used during the semester.

Con Law I:

Torts I and II:
Steven Finz's Sum and Substances on Torts Audio Lecture. I think its about 10 hours long, but it covers most of what you will cover in Torts I and II. Its a great audio supplement to use before the semester and during.


Civil Procedure:

Criminal Law:


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Re: Law School Headstart Advice

Postby VincentChase » Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:20 am

Honestly, the best way to get a head start is to get ahold of a couple of your professor's old exams or an outline of his class.

Never forget that you are learning, "Property/Torts/Contracts According to Professor X." It will serve you well. I understand that knowing the BLL cold is very important, and that is the same from school to school. But I think that supplements, which I do use to clarify, are kind of like using Kaplan or Barron's for the LSAT. You wouldn't do that to prepare for the LSAT, why do it to prepare for someone's class? Go to the source.

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