Criminal Procedure, Sixth Amendment analysis

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Criminal Procedure, Sixth Amendment analysis

Postby Yvonnella » Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:45 pm

Does anybody have a quick flow chart approach to analyzing a Sixth Amendment problem? Hypothetically, the D is denied effective assistance of counsel at some critical point in the process after being subjected to an otherwise valid arrest. I know that there are lots of cases that might apply to an analysis, whether Gideon, Faretta, Strickland, Cuyler, etc. But they're so disorganized for exam purposes. I'm the one who's disorganized, that is. Can anyone suggest a concise pattern of analysis for a Sixth Amendment problem? I'd love to find a simple plan that identifies each issue that needs to be addressed and the best order in which to discuss it. A list of issues that I could turn into a mnemonic would be marvelous.

Thank you!

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