Upper level study aids like the Barbri 1L stuff

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Upper level study aids like the Barbri 1L stuff

Postby Ragnar » Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:27 pm

As a 1L I loved the Barbri lectures, and quizzes, and reviews. Since they were on my iphone, I could listen to the lectures while I was driving or take the quizzes any time I had a couple minutes to kill. Now, as a 2L I want something similar for my upper level courses. I know Barbri has some upper level content, but unfortunately for me it is pretty limited to Bar stuff (Corps, Evidence, Estates, etc.). This semester I have Corporations, Bankruptcy (debtor / creditor law), and federal income tax of individuals. Not that there aren't plenty of print supplements, but because Bankruptcy and Income Tax aren't on the bar, it is hard to find lectures and quizzes for them. I am especially interested in apps or web-based stuff I could use on my iphone. Even if there are youtube videos of lectures, it would be great. Does anybody know about anything like this? I might even pay for the law in a flash cards iphone app, but I haven't been able to find it for Bankruptcy or Income tax.

Thanks for your help.

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