CA 1L Bar Prep Course Madness

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CA 1L Bar Prep Course Madness

Postby rebelx13 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:59 am

My CA school is hosting Bar Review companies this week. I've seen BarBri, BarMax, Kaplan, and Themes (I can't recall the proper spelling at the moment).

I'm interested in BarBri and BarMax. I've been a little leery of Kaplan ever since I realized they fail at teaching LSAT prep, so I figure it might be similar.

BarMax is relatively new, but it seems to be done all electronically, on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone). It's $800 for the course + the cost of an iDevice (ostensibly an iPad, since you'll need a larger screen).

Does anyone have any opinions about them? Or just suck it up and pay the 4k for BarBri?

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