What 2L class would be more useful in this situation?

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What 2L class would be more useful in this situation?

Postby dpitman » Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:21 pm

First, a little background on my situation. Before law school I studied music, so I don't have a strong background in government, politics, economics, business, etc. I do have a stronger background in things like contracts, intellectual property, and other matters that might be of concern to someone in a creative field. I go to school near DC and have become interested both in policy and litigation. Over the summer I interned on the Hill in the Senate to get a little bit of policy experience. I now have an internship lined up with a sole practitioner in Arlington to learn a bit more about litigation. I have been fairly successful academically so far and am currently a candidate member of one of my school's subject-matter specific law journals. My school requires us to take constitutional law and a legal writing course this semester, leaving me time to take two classes of my own choosing. To help with my understanding of litigation, I am also taking Criminal Procedure. That leaves me with a dilemma.

Before I knew about my journal placement and my internship, I signed up for both International Law and National Security Law. With my internship and journal placement factored in, the school's credit policy requires that I drop one of these courses. If you were in my situation, which of these would you consider more useful for someone in my position? If you think neither would be that helpful, what would you take instead? I have considered taking Evidence, but I have heard so many horrible things about the professor for that course this semester that I would like to put off taking it until next semester. Any other suggestions?

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