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Re: Law school business cards

Postby cofc2008 » Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:03 pm

DMBFan wrote:You should not have a business card as a student. Duh.

The bashing of business cards on this thread has gotten to be a tiny bit ridiculous. Obviously some people have a negative view of a business card for a law student, and they might just be in the majority. However, it is most definitely a subjective topic and, therefore, does fall into the "duh" category. There are plenty of ways to argue on BOTH SIDES (scroll up). I'm gonna use business cards as a small part of networking. I've used them in the past as a student and they have proved to be nothing but beneficial for me. It really comes down to knowing who your audience is and asking yourself "is the person I'm giving this to going to form a negative opinion of me because I have a business card?"

This thread asks a question that can hardly be answered with a yes or no.


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Re: Law school business cards

Postby Sandro » Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:32 pm

When I was an intern back in school I got asked for business cards all the time. Hoping that I will get some type of employment 1L summer, I dont think it would be a terrible idea to have a business card or two on me if I know I might be in situations like that. If someone asks me for a business card chances are they arent falling prey to the hypothetical TLS groupthink that business cards are bad.

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