Flash Card apps for iPhones?

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Flash Card apps for iPhones?

Postby LAWYER2 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:16 pm

I know there's Law-in-a-flash app, but has anyone used any great flash card apps to create their own with relative ease?


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Re: Flash Card apps for iPhones?

Postby StanleyF » Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:03 pm

Yes — Mental Case. It works really well — you can create flash cards on your computer and synch them over the air with your iPhone. I think it was kind of pricey (for an app) but I found it totally worth it. The annoying thing is that they make you buy a program for your computer and an app for your iPhone, so you end up paying twice. But still, worth it.


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Re: Flash Card apps for iPhones?

Postby odon59 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:05 pm

I use the flashcards deluxe app ($4) combined with http://www.quizlet.com to make the flashcards. Once they're made on quizlet, downloading them into the flashcards app is a snap. the app also has different quizzing modes which I also found very helpful.

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