E&E Editions: Always go with most current?

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Re: E&E Editions: Always go with most current?

Postby flcath » Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:23 pm

ndirish2010 wrote:
flcath wrote:
goodolgil wrote:Get the old ones.

Civ Pro is the only class where it really matters, and even the newest edition is out of date anyway, and it's only badly out of date in an area (pleadings) that the E&E is basically useless for anyway.

Am I the only one who found the Civ Pro E&E grossly inadequate?

I thought it was great for the topics it covered (exception: personal jurisdiction... wtf, Glannon?), but it had a really cursory treatment of pleading, sanctions, FUCKING SUMMARY JUDGEMENT AND 12(B)(6).

It also skipped class actions entirely, which my guy spent like 6 classes on.... And, oh yeah, its Erie coverage wasn't that great (it sucked after Hanna). Really it was just badass for SMJ, preclusion, and the various joinder/impleader/intervenor combos.

Did you have Robinson?

Yup. He was a terrible teacher, too.

I heard about the Bauer Erie farce. If you didn't do Erie and you didn't do class actions, I'm really having a hard time understanding what you guys did all semester.

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