Tips on excelling Professional Responsibility

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Tips on excelling Professional Responsibility

Postby ok2bedifferent » Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:23 am

Can you please give me tips on how to do well in Prof. Responsibility? Did you do flashcards? Buy a supplement (if so, can you suggest one)? Just memorize the rules?


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Re: Tips on excelling Professional Responsibility

Postby ViIIager » Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:28 am

I haven't hit the professional responsibility class yet, but I figured I'd share some love: ... 45063?mt=8

free MPRE app for iPhone.

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Re: Tips on excelling Professional Responsibility

Postby reasonable_man » Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:26 am

Possibly the most obvious class you will take in all of law school. If it seems wrong, it is. If it seems only partially ok, its wrong. Don't co-mingle funds. Don't fuck your client (unless you were fucking them before they were a client). Don't represent adverse parties. When a conflict arises, walk away.

If you cannot break a 115 on the MPRE (with less than 5 hours of study), and a B+ in the class, you're small brained.

In all seriousness though, grab the rules, learn em, know em and roll from there. Its pretty straight forward stuff.

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