Hey students, what is your day-to-day budget like?

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Re: Hey students, what is your day-to-day budget like?

Postby cornellbeez » Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:46 pm

I moved from a big city to go to a T-14 in a more suburban/rural area, so my rent dropped by more than half even though I'm living in a much nicer place. Because I keep in mind that I'm spending way less on rent, I don't budget for food or anything - I just spend whatever I want. (And somehow, I'm still spending less on living than what's expected on the school's website.) I don't go out to the bars a lot though, but when I do, I can spend up to 70 a night. Sometimes my friends and I have expensive dinners where we spend 40 a person. Frequently, I dish out 20 for a real meal with good ethnic food. I know it's a bad and fiscally irresponsible mentality, but I feel spoiled living here because I pay far less in rent/utilities/gas/movies/parking/etc. than I did in an urban area.

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