Does it get easier?

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Does it get easier?

Postby jaydee2013 » Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:17 am

I'm curious as to the general movement of students across their law school curve... do many start out with marginal GPAs, but kick it into high gear enough to threaten those who did earn high GPAs during 1L? Conversely, do some students with high 1L GPAs rest on their laurels and then WTF themselves to a lower 2L GPA?
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Re: Does it get easier?

Postby BobSacamano » Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:33 am

T2er here: I did very well my first semester of 1L year, then slightly worse my second semester (though still pretty good). I didn't change my study habits at all, just got a little lucky in my first semester exams and a little unlucky second semester. My two worst grades in law school have been the classes I worked the hardest in, but oh well. I'm pretty sure that I just barely fit into the top 10% of the class when all was said and done. As far as I know we had about 5ish people transfer out, though there could be people I'm missing (like lateral transfers, there were probably some of those).

First semester this year I took mostly core classes, so they were predominantly 2L's with some 3L's thrown in. I don't think I studied any harder, in fact I probably worked a bit less overall, especially since I had other commitments. I had my best semester academically by a pretty good margin. I have no idea why, but I attribute it to a smattering of 2L's that aren't trying now that they're done 1L year and 3L's that aren't trying because they're 3L's. I booked my hardest class, which was the only class that was mostly 3L's.

Of course, this is all just anecdotal. tl;dr version: I'm prettttty sure people aren't trying quite as hard after 1L year. I haven't taken my foot off the gas but I also haven't really changed anything and I'm doing much better.

helfer snooterbagon

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Re: Does it get easier?

Postby helfer snooterbagon » Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:26 am

I agree with Bob. I am in the same boat, putting in about the same amount of effort, probably less, and I have seen my class rank climb from top 5% to top 1%.


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Re: Does it get easier?

Postby random5483 » Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:17 am

helfer snooterbagon wrote:I agree with Bob. I am in the same boat, putting in about the same amount of effort, probably less, and I have seen my class rank climb from top 5% to top 1%.

Lower ranked schools likely have reduced competition after the first year. Top performers in T2 and lower schools are more likely to transfer than top performers in T1 (especially T25 or T14) schools. The middle likely won't shift since some people drop out (low end of curve) and others transfer out (high end of curve), but the top and bottom are most likely impacted.

I could be wrong since all this is just hypothetical. Only a 1L here.


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Re: Does it get easier?

Postby GreenHeels » Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:39 am

Crappy graders generally do not improve. Good graders in 1L almost always slip some after securing work in 2L OCI.

Work effort is not the issue. Talent is. If you didn't fully apply your talent early, you can improve. If you gave it what you had, and will continue to do the same, then what you did is likely what you will do. If you applied yourself and did well and are now fat and happy with a job offer (which given the tone of your post, you're low T1-T2, so this is unlikely), you are probably going to slack a bit. Unless you're like me and just love to see those triangular grades all the way down your transcript.

Good luck.

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