Participate in some LSAT research? (were you a splitter?)

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Participate in some LSAT research? (were you a splitter?)

Postby kswiss » Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:35 pm

This is more out of curiosity than anything...but after a semester of grades is in I'm wondering how LSAT outliers did in comparison to their classmates... I think that the official correlation statistic for LSAT and grades is .4 (which is statistically very significant.) the problem with that stat is that almost all schools have a very narrow LSAT score band... If all of the people between the 25 and 75 percentiles are taken away, you are left with LSAT scores that are significantly different than classmates, so I'm interested to see how much LSAT predicts grade performance for just those scores.

If I get enough responses I'll throw it in spss and make the results available.

So the main data I need is:

How far below/above median your LSAT score was compared to the schools median.
Class percentile rank (estimate is fine)
Tier of school (to see if there is variation based on quality of school.)
Any other info of note...

Reply to this thread or pm me...I'll crunch numbers and give results as I get more responses.

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