Top 5 2L at T14 Taking Questions

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Re: Top 5 2L at T14 Taking Questions

Postby Cavalier » Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:23 am

Hmmmmmmmm... I wonder who this could be.

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Re: Top 5 2L at T14 Taking Questions

Postby uwb09 » Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:55 am

+1 for economics classes coming in handy in law school

I didn't major in econ in undergrad, but took as many electives on it as I could, and I feel those classes have helped me more than anything. (problem solving techniques, etc...)

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Re: Top 5 2L at T14 Taking Questions

Postby icouldbuyu » Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:12 pm

ogresarelikeonions wrote:
lakerfanimal wrote:Wow I didn't think econ mattered that much (all the law dean interviews say oh econ isn't super important etc), but that's awesome (econ major here haha).

DId you have very high numbers for the school you are at (above both 75'ths for GPA and LSAT) or sort of in the middle?

I found that it mattered a decent amount in Torts, Contracts, and Property, as well as in an elective I took last semester (where I wasn't really expecting it to be such a major focus). That could depend a lot on the school or profs (probably especially the profs), though.

I definitely did not have high #s. One was pretty far below the median (maybe around 25% without looking it up?), and the other was just above it. I had a tough time cracking the T-14 in the first place (though ultimately got into 2 T-14s--one T10 and one lower), so I was definitely not expecting to do that well. I think the law and I just clicked.

Would you mine indicating, which was below (GPA or LSAT)? Many on TLS claim reverse splitters do horribly in LS compared to the splitters. I happen to be a reverse splitter, so I'm curious.

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Joga Bonito

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Re: Top 5 2L at T14 Taking Questions

Postby Joga Bonito » Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:18 pm

ogresarelikeonions wrote:
Joga Bonito wrote:How did you study and prepare for exams for each of your first year classes. Did you use supplements and how often and which ones etc? Also, how much did you study per week and per day (etc.)? I know these questions are always asked but I like to hear different peoples experiences and stuff.

No problem. I do think everyone has to find what's right for them, so take my answers with a grain of salt.

I ended up studying a bit differently for each of my first year classes. In general, I think that understanding the structure of the course (how everything fits together) and then doctrine are the most important things, followed by understanding each professor's pet theories/favorite topics/etc. So, if lectures themselves provided good structure and doctrine, I studied almost exclusively from notes. To the extent that they didn't, I turned to textbooks first and supplements second but always made sure to go back and fill in the gaps with lecture notes to always keep in mind each professor's special emphases. I also tried to take (or at least read questions for) as many practice exams as possible but definitely ran out of time to do this at the end.

My daily studying is sort of disorganized (I study, watch tv, waste time online, repeat, and repeat, like most people, I'm sure), but I would guess that I study for 6+ hours a day except on days with really heavy class loads.

Thanks, good insight.

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