First semester of Law School officially in the books!

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First semester of Law School officially in the books!

Postby LAWYER2 » Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:18 pm

Ok, now that 1st semester is officially over, I can add my .02 about my 1L experiences.
It's not as hard as everyone says it is as long as you have a fairly decent amount of common sense. Do the work, prepare for whats on the exam only (assuming you have an idea) and it should be a HIGHLY do-able!
Of course, I have not gotten any grades back, but I do feel fairly confident that I was successful. If first semester is any indication of how the second semester will be, then I'm hopeful!
six weeks off!! Hopefully I'll be spending two of those weeks in Europe!
-Good luck everyone! (for those that need it)
-Kick ass (to those who don't rely on luck)

P.S. Thanks TLS, for all the helpful insight

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