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Postby frosty_dog_2006 » Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:50 am

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Re: Torts Final w/ Policy Analysis

Postby mikeytwoshoes » Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:39 am

frosty_dog_2006 wrote:Any advice for how to prepare for a policy analysis question on a torts exam? This would include analyzing topics such as deterrence, costs, flexibility, allocating blame, etc. for the tort system doing certain things (e.g., creating a rebuttable presumption for a statutory breach v. negligence per se).

I am really struggling with being able to work through this particular type of analysis. Any help/suggested resources would be much appreciated.

I would be really surprised to see an actual policy question on a torts test. Everyone thinks their torts prof is a policy wonk until they finish the test. The typical torts exam has a long fact pattern and a prompt (e.g. discusses the causes of action . . .). If your torts prof has actually told you that you will have to answer a policy question, see the book "Getting to Maybe."


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Re: Torts Final w/ Policy Analysis

Postby reverendt » Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:40 am

I had a policy question on my torts final.
How to prepare depends on your professor. He/she will have probably let on as to what policy issues they're interested in. It's the kind of stuff alot of people never bother to take notes on, although they should.
So you have to assess what is important to your individual professor and plan accordingly.
Good luck!

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