reflections on your first year

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Re: reflections on your first year

Postby mac.empress » Sat May 15, 2010 1:33 am

A'nold wrote:I have almost never been so happy for something to be over than when I stepped out of the exam room today and finished my 1L year......and I love law school. It is freaking EXHAUSTING.

I feel the same. I had a lot of fun this year. Partied harder because I studied harder. I made incredible friendships too because only the people in hell with you can understand what you are going through. The first semester was terrifying though. Had no clue what was expected of me. "Thinking like a lawyer" pissed me off that whole semester. Now, I kinda get what they are talking about. Kinda.

The change in law school for me is the consistent high level of work that is expected for a 100% test at the end of the semester. I've never worked this hard for a grade in my life. As a pre-requisite last semester we had a history course to do. Got 10% out of 40% from common sense answers. The night before the finals I glanced at the slides. I got an A. There are no law courses that I have done that have that story.

I felt tired and cranky and joyous that I was here for this experience. Yay!

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