Is a 93.6 in LRW an A or an A-?

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Is this an A or A-

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Re: Is a 93.6 in LRW an A or an A-?

Postby mikeytwoshoes » Wed May 05, 2010 12:07 am

bkthunder wrote:
clarabella wrote:My hypothesis: OP spent so much time rocking his LRW assignments that he missed out on making any actual friends at school with whom he could share his great news (seriously, an A or A- in any LS class is great news!) so that he had to couch his justifiable excitement in a retarded fake question sent out to the interwebz in search of some kind of anonymous cyber 'atta boy. :oops:

Ha, I'll bite. What you said is partially true- classwork came ahead of LS friends consistently all year (which I'd guess is true for most 1L's), partly because I don't wanna be jobless when I graduate and partly because I've been planning on transferring out since day 1. I don't really discuss grades or single assignments thoroughly with my LS friends. However, the question wasn't fake, which most of you probably don't believe at this point, and even if it was, what's wrong with wanting a cyber atta-boy? Law students do so much work and get but only get feedback 2x a year anyway.

It's lame. Why not just feel good about yourself?

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