Crummy first semester. A- on memo in 2nd sem LRW.

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Crummy first semester. A- on memo in 2nd sem LRW.

Postby KSCO » Sat Feb 27, 2010 1:32 pm

I had a crummy, abysmal first semester (bottom 10%) in a school I'm grateful to attend, albeit is in an area I can't wait to get away from. After all the time, effort and energy, apparently I didn't go into detail enough (i.e. didn't give my reasoning) which killed me although my grasp of the concepts/cases were very solid according to my professors.

I wrote about the above last month on here, although at least have made some progress having a great summer position lined up (obtained before grades came out which concerns me in trying to find a similar position next summer) and receiving a A- on my memo. Legal writing's been my most enjoyable class (and my saving grace.) Perhaps because it's not just theory. I also have a particularly intriguing writing background which may be part of the reason.

How do I view the second semester? I hope to perform well given the feedback from my professors, albeit fear that even if I did well second semester, the first semester's going to kill me regardless which leaves me demoralized from time to time. Aside from grades, right now my goal is to write onto law review or another journal at the end of the semester. I need something to keep me motivated.

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