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Transfer Odds from T1

Postby ojpossum » Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:49 am

Hey! Mainly a lurker here but thought I'd check out my odds for transferring since a friend recently brought the concept up to me. 3.70 GPA that I'm hopinnggggg and *seems* as though I can maintain or bump up. If all goes as well as it can realistically go this semester (not looking at or even going to assume I get all A+'s here haha) I'm looking at a 3.88. I'm at a school in the 20-25 range. My school doesn't rank but the median is a 3.3. I looked at the 509 reports but would love to hear thoughts. I'm torn because I'm getting great opps at the school I'm at (decent scholarship, got the clinic I want, chosen for campus leadership positions that start next year, will try to write on to law review, etc) but I want to keep my options open especially when I'm considering a clerkship and LA big law. Was hoping to see what my chances are for Berkeley and Columbia. I would consider higher up the rankings but don't think that's possible given my grades? Thanks for your help!


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Re: Transfer Odds from T1

Postby joefresh » Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:07 pm

With a 3.7/8 at a 20-25 ranked school I'd say you're defo's in at Berkeley and quite likely at Columbia. Add in NYU, H, Chicago and Stanford.

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