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Top 1% Lower T2

Postby Nebby » Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:36 pm

Hey y'all,

So I'm currently at a lower ranked (80s) school in the northeast, but originally from the Midwest and hope to work in D.C. post-grad (friends and family in the area). My legal research and writing professor, who is a fellow Midwesterner, suggested I transfer to a better school due to my grades and post-grad goals. My school does not have a curve, and they do not calculate class rank until the 1L year is over, but I earned straight As in my fall coursework and ended with a 4.0. (I put top 1% only because from a general consensus I'm the only student who received an A in every course last semester, obviously I don't put top 1% on my resume because it doesn't appear on the unofficial transcript).

I know that with my GPA and competitive softs I will get into Georgetown. (currently a research assistant for a director of one of my school's clinical programs, currently in an externship with a state regulatory agency, have accepted a 1L internship at the EPA for summer 2014, and worked at a nonprofit for a year in D.C. between undergrad and law school). I am applying to Georgetown for early action as a safety.

If I can earn all As again this semester, what are the possibilities of being a competitive transfer applicant at UVA, NYU, Columbia, HLS, or YLS? I went to a state school for undergrad. I can't seem to find stats on students that transfer to the top 10.

Best regards.
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Re: Top 1% Lower T2

Postby UnfrozenCaveman » Sat Feb 01, 2014 3:35 pm

You'd be competitive for all of them...some of them just have really small transfer classes. Yale might not drop that low, so don't apply there unless you don't mind spending the application fee for a prayer to get in.

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