> 5%, T25-->CCN? Others?

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> 5%, T25-->CCN? Others?

Postby Anonymous User » Thu May 30, 2013 8:25 am

I have a full tuition scholarship at a lower T25 public law school. Grades are in; I'm sitting on a 3.83 year-end GPA. No percentiles posted yet (we don't do official rankings at my school), but based on prior year data, I should end up at least top 5%, probably more like top 3-4%. CALI'd one class in the fall, won the Scribe's Award for LRW and will probably CALI at least one class this spring (that notification will come in about a month). Will grade onto law review.

I'm in my late 20s; prior work experience is kind of soft (some IT; teaching and management at an English academy overseas). No diversity or particularly compelling family background; no unique skills or talents. This summer, I have a generously paid internship in the public interest sector, which I could theoretically continue P/T during the academic year / next summer if I'm so inclined.

My LSAT score was an unexceptional 164.

Should be able to get a strong LOR from my LRW prof; any other law school LORs would likely be pretty generic, as I haven't built a strong rapport with most of my 1L profs (aside from, obviously, performing decently in their classes).

I realize I'd be giving up substantial $ by transferring up. On the other hand, I've not been impressed by my CSO, and I'm very concerned about OCI. I like my current internship well enough, but I'm interested in exploring a variety of career options, and I'm not sure a degree from my current school will afford me the opportunities that I'm looking for.

CCN--any chance? Other T14 schools worth considering given my stats?

I'd be most grateful for any input...

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