Northwestern vs. UCLA

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Northwestern vs. UCLA

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Northwestern vs. UCLA

Postby MissFiredNeuron » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:39 pm

~11% at a Midwest T30, and accepted into Northwestern and UCLA thus far (a few apps to NYU, Duke, Columbia, etc. are still outstanding). My fiancé is currently based out of LA but has the opportunity to work in Chicago (or elsewhere, should I be accepted). We are not set on the idea of living in LA, especially in the next 5-10 years (and in fact we’d kind of like an out-of-state adventure), but both of our families are in southern CA and we feel that a day is going to come where we’ll feel we’d like to return to LA. Our decision is coming down to the wire with UCLA’s seat deposit due at the end of the week and we’re wondering if it’s worthwhile to swap a rankings bump that might afford us excitement and East-coast opportunities and instead accept at UCLA (which could give us a west coast life with minimized hassle when it comes to things like LA employment prospects, having to take the bar in multiple states, etc.) Additionally, it seems like employment stats for transfers is a black box at both schools so it’s unclear how I might place in LA coming from Northwestern vs. coming from UCLA. Thoughts are appreciated!


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Re: Northwestern vs. UCLA

Postby attractive_NUisance » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:53 pm

If they cost the same or ballpark similar this is a very easy choice. Northwestern will give you a much better shot at getting a job with a big firm anywhere in the country. LA placement is pretty good I know people with below-median grades who found good jobs in Socal. Below median at UCLA would not have as good an outcome in my opinion.

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