Top 50 to T6- /Ability to negotiate better scholarship?

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Top 50 to T6- /Ability to negotiate better scholarship?

Postby UtahPhi » Wed May 30, 2012 2:53 pm

I am in the top 5% at a 40-50 TI school, and I am looking to blanket the T6 with transfer applications. However, I am receiving a decent aid package at my current school, I like my current school, and I am completely fine staying in the area after graduation. The draw of going to a T6 school is certainly there though. I do have a couple questions.

1- Does anyone have any experience with negotiating a better scholarship package at your current school as an enticement for you not to transfer. (I'm particularly interested in someone in the top-50/top-100 that has done this)

2- Has anyone tested the transfer waters only to stay at your current school? If so, how awkward/damaged was your relationship with the faculty/administration, if at all.

Any info would be greatly appreciated


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Re: Top 50 to T6- /Ability to negotiate better scholarship?

Postby mileslibertatis » Wed May 30, 2012 3:56 pm

I have already run through some scenarios with my references explaining that I was not sure I would transfer and that I would be happy staying at my current school. I think if you do that you can be sheepish and play the "I don't know what I was thinking, this is a great place" game.

I don't know about the other question at all.

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Re: Top 50 to T6- /Ability to negotiate better scholarship?

Postby ben2587 » Wed May 30, 2012 6:25 pm

Im currently playing the transfer game so I can't the answers you seek through results. However, I got some advice when I met with my professor for a LOR. He said the best way to go about pushing your current school to get a better scholarship is to write a letter to, or meet with the dean and be like "Look this is how it is, my GPA is ___, I am ranked X/XXX and I'm looking to transfer for reason X, Y, and Z, but cost is also a big factor in my decision. Is there anyway [current school] can provide any financial incentives for me to stay?"

I can't see it being damaging to your relationship with a faculty member unless you mentioned to them or they know you don't like [current school], and I'm trying to peace out of here. Otherwise they should be understanding of your decision to pursue your options. If it turns out that staying at your 1L school is your best option and don't end up transferring then that was the best option and they shouldn't hold that against you.

Just my $.02

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