Plz Help: What are my chances at Columbia/NYU from Rutgers?

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Plz Help: What are my chances at Columbia/NYU from Rutgers?

Postby nwklaw1L » Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:53 am

Hi Guys,

I'd really appreciate your input on my chances. Thanks in advance....

I'm a rising 2l at Rutgers (ranked in the low 80s). I'm originally from NYC, hope to work in NY, and I desperately/fervently/crazily/insert adjective here want to transfer to NYU or Columbia.

Here are my stats:

-Law School GPA: 3.74 based on a 3.0 curve (Rutgers doesn't rank, but based on other schools' rankings with a 3.0 curve, I'm ~5%)
- 1L Summer Associate at a Vault/AM 100 firm's NJ office (hoping this helps)
- Moot Court Board, no journal
- Leadership role in several student groups (which I know doesn't count for jack, really)
- Ivy undergrad (3.46 GPA)
-159 on the lsat (my test was administered incorrectly and its a long story, but I couldn't re-take it)
-2 years of solid work experience between undergrad and law school, which definitely helped landing the 1L summer gig/honorable mention in 2 well known newspapers for my volunteering/non-profit activities (but I know that this also mostly counts for jack)

I went complete at Columbia on 6/30 and went complete at NYU 7/1. There was a wave of Columbia/NYU acceptances yesterday and I clearly haven't heard anything. Several of the NYU/Columbia admitted posters went complete around the same time as I did. The key difference is, most of the posters were top 1-2% at schools in the 50s 60s, 70s, etc.

At this point, I am wondering:
1) Above all, what are my chances? (Given the stellar stats of the people already accepted, I am starting to lose all hope).
2) Is it going to hurt me that Rutgers doesn't rank? I am sure that Columbia/NYU have received apps from Rutgers before and are aware of the no-ranking policy).
3) Any other thoughts/advice?

Thanks so much for your help guys!

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