sorry for the new thread, putting my PS out there for edits

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sorry for the new thread, putting my PS out there for edits

Postby ajmax8 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:04 pm

i didn't want to put my ps on the thread but I figured what the hell. thanks to those (you know who you are) for your previous help. for what it's worth, year between UG and law school, engineering background, at TTT, no ranking yet but was about top 7% first semester. this is still a work in progress but hoping to finish it soon to send out the app. thanks for any help.

I have David Suzuki to thank for sparking my fervent interest in intellectual property law early in my undergraduate studies. Suzuki, a renowned environmentalist and former professor at my undergraduate institution, criticized industry ties with universities as a detriment to the educational environment, in an essay entitled, “The Prostitution of Academia.” I found myself vigorously opposing Suzuki in my English term paper. While I appreciated Suzuki’s concerns, my view of intellectual capital as a primary economic driving force fueled my response. My paper, and several other courses, illustrated to me the need to protect the ideas of innovators. My desire to protect those innovators’ investments through patent law spurred my decision to attend law school. George Washington’s preeminence in IP law, its unique location as a window for numerous professional opportunities, and my desire to return to my family and significant other spurred my decision to transfer.

My undergraduate studies solidified my interest in a career as a patent attorney through exposure to patent law and its impact on the engineering profession. In Professional Engineering Practice, a patent attorney taught a segment on protection of intellectual capital. The passion that the attorney exhibited for her work evinced my fascination at the prospect of working at the intersection of law and technology. In Coatings and Surface Modifications, my term project involved modeling electrolytes for solid-oxide fuel cells based on my professor’s patent application claims. During a lunch meeting with the attorney who prosecuted my professor’s patents, our discussion of claim construction, prosecution procedure, and infringement litigation furthered my decision to attend law school. These experiences led me to enroll at XXX.

I seek to transfer to George Washington because of its preeminence in IP law and geographic location. George Washington was my first choice when I initially applied to law school, and it is the school from which I hope to graduate. The preparation and practical skills that graduates of George Washington receive are evident in the impressive majority of alumni who are attorneys at IP firms in the D.C. area. The success of these alumni speaks to the education that George Washington students receive, with IP faculty providing significant experience from the highest echelons of patent law. George Washington’s location also provides many unique opportunities to gain practical experience because of its proximity to the Federal Circuit, International Trade Commission, PTO, House and Senate Judiciary Committees, and many other organizations located in the nation’s capital.

As a lifelong resident of Washington, D.C., my time at university, apart from my family and long-time girlfriend, was a strong impetus for my return. My desire to settle down with my significant other in D.C., and to remain close to my family, were both strong motivators to do well my first year in law school. I have demonstrated my ability to succeed in law school at XXX, and with the resources that George Washington can provide, I will continue to succeed and move closer towards my goal of becoming a patent lawyer.

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Re: sorry for the new thread, putting my PS out there for edits

Postby JamMasterJ » Sat Jun 04, 2011 2:04 am

Just glanced, but too many commas

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Re: sorry for the new thread, putting my PS out there for edits

Postby maf70 » Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:54 am

JamMasterJ wrote:Just glanced, but too many commas
haha, i just noticed, that, too.

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Re: sorry for the new thread, putting my PS out there for edits

Postby ajmax8 » Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:46 pm

yea i was just noticing that too, thanks.

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