Top 5% at T14--worth it to transfer to HYS?

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Re: Top 5% at T14--worth it to transfer to HYS?

Postby drylo » Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:50 am

vanwinkle wrote:
d34dluk3 wrote:The same student is statistically expected to do better at GULC than HLS.

You're talking about a very small difference in student body numbers (as pointed out, the differences in GPA/LSAT of the students at each school are not that extreme) and a rather low real correlation between combined GPA/LSAT and law school success (around .4, I think it was mentioned). Yes, the same student is statistically expected to do better, but not by an amount anyone would consider significant. It would be likely you'd end up with a class rank only a couple percentage points higher, and that's it. It's nowhere near the kind of significant difference that warrants serious consideration.

Basically, TITCR. I guess nobody will probably dispute that "the same student is statistically expected to do better at GULC than HLS." But if you want to be faithful to the statistical analysis (which I don't care about--the specific numbers, at least), you are basically going to get down to a point where a median HLS student might statistically be expected to be top 45% at GULC or something... The point is that somebody who is median at HLS is not going to be top 10% at GULC just because GULC students are dummur.

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