Transfer from school ranked 50s to T14

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Re: Transfer from school ranked 50s to T14

Postby nematoad » Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:17 pm

Badger3920 wrote:
nematoad wrote:
what a nice fellow

Heh, my sarcasm detector rarely works on the internet so it's kind of a: *shrug* was trying to give him an honest lay of the land in CA from a person who was just in a similar position and knows the area well. T14 in California is just as difficult as anywhere else if not moreso because of the number of applicants simply flooding 2 schools. You get a lot of "I refuse to leave california, but want t14" there - which makes for innundation at Boalt

no sarcasm intended good sir. i was just saying it was nice of you to get as in depth as you did and write what you did for a question that most peeps answer with a "study your butt off, get your grades and then come back". I'm a lowly 0L so my only real input to this thread was to commend you on your thorough response. .. and now to say study your butt off ivy. study your fargin butt off.


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Re: Transfer from school ranked 50s to T14

Postby nleefer » Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:16 pm

As someone who transferred from a T2 to Berkeley this year (and submitted an application to Stanford), it's important to point out that the timing of the two schools make a transfer to Stanford nearly impossible.

Berkeley has a very quick turnaround on applications, I heard within a week of my application going complete, and then had until July 15th to make a decision. Stanford was unable to reach a decision by the time I was forced to commit to Berkeley. It possible (though unlikely) that I might have edged my way into Stanford if I didn't go to Berkeley, but there was no way I was going to say no to Berkeley on the off chance that I would get into Stanford.

As for numbers needed to get into Berkeley, I tend to think top 5% is what it takes to be on the safe side. A handful of students transferred in from my 1L school; I believe that most were top 5% or just below the cutoff.


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Re: Transfer from school ranked 50s to T14

Postby sigmachiev » Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:08 am

T2 to Berkeley person as well. I agree w/ the top 5% thing - in talking to people here nearly everyone (no matter what school) who came in is from this bracket. It's really not top 10%, especially if you're from a T2.

I have no comment on the Stanford thing because I didn't apply, I just did Berk, Penn, Columbia, Harvard and GTown EA.

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