transferring back to old school?

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transferring back to old school?

Postby cooleyjn » Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:41 pm

Here's the deal. I transferred from a T4 in TX last year to a top 25 school with hopes of getting into academia at some point. Now, my career goals have changed and I am considering starting a firm right after I graduate. Also I am thinking about doing so back in TX.

So my question is, since the prestige of the law school has little relevance with starting a firm, should I entertain the option of transferring back for my third year? Or am I just crazy for even considering it?

Other factors are that my new school is in my home state, but I enjoyed the old school much more.

Also, is that even possible to transfer back to your old school?


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Re: transferring back to old school?

Postby icydash » Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:48 pm

I may be wrong on this, but I'm like 90% sure you can only transfer once, between your 1L and 2L years...I don't think you can transfer after your 2L year.

That being said, I would think prestige would be very important in starting your own firm after graduating -- You need to bring in all your own clients and it's very hard to do so with no experience....the only way I would think people would overlook your lack of experience is if you come from a very prestigious school, and maybe get someone else on board whose much older and can guide you.

Also, if you're starting your own firm, you can always go start it in Texas regardless of what school you went to before hand, so I'm not really sure that the location of your new school will matter much. Most of the top-25 schools are known all over.

Really it sounds to me more like a quality of life thing. It sounds like you were happier at your old school. My advice: tough it out. You'll have more job opportunities coming from the top-25 school should the starting-your-own-firm thing fall through. It never hurts to come from a -better- school.

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