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Postby NotAnAmbiTurner » Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:51 pm

Hi all,

My undergrad comes from an innovative "regional" university with a strong business program. I personally competed on a business analysis team that beat a team from Carnegie Melon last year.

Anyhoo... I am wondering what the prospects are for someone with a J.D./LLB. from a T20 and their Bachelors of Business Admin, possibly MBA from an as of yet undetermined school.

One more question: anyone know af any good business/law schools that are T20 law schools and aren't Harvard? Only because I don't think I'll get in with LSAT 167 and 3.9 GPA



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Re: Business/Law

Postby FrankReynolds » Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:24 am

If you have a business undergrad, there is little to no value in getting a JDMBA.

It sounds like you are still in school, so I would strongly advise retaking the LSAT if you have no work experience--an increase within the standard deviation of the LSAT(3 points) will drastically improve your career prospects. And I would advise working for at least a year. Based on how you worded your post, you seem a bit out of touch with the business world.

Pretty much every law school is going to have a huge amount of business/corporate law classes, so don't worry much about that.

If you do apply now, you are gonna probably be looking at lower T14 or T20. Based on this years interviewing, these schools are not doing too hot...

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