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International In-House/Non-Big Law Positions

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:59 am

I'm a big law corporate junior associate in a major US market (not NY). I'm doing a mix of M&A, securities (both deal work and filings), and start-up financings. Originally, I planned on lateraling to London next year. However, I am very unhappy with big law and have begun considering in-house positions.

I've read plenty of threads about the best time to leave a firm and go in house. My question is geared more towards opportunities available abroad, as most of the threads that I have looked at involve going in-house inside of the US or for a foreign company/bank with an office in the US. I am looking for advice from people who have done US big law and found a non big-law opportunity abroad (in-house or otherwise), particularly in London/UK (but I would also consider other markets as well).

For those that have gone in-house abroad, how did you go about finding your job? Did you use a recruiter, job message board, etc.? I've been speaking with a London recruiter, but they only place in firms. Are you at an international company or a US company with an office abroad?

As for salaries, I know that London firms can vary, with some paying market and others paying more for a JD/US degree. From what I've seen, many in-house US positions are around $125k. Is this something to expect abroad too, particularly with someone who has a JD?

Lastly, without getting into the debate on the ideal time to leave a firm, would you recommend lateraling to the market you want to be in, i.e. London in this case, working at a firm for a year or so and then looking for an exit option? Or are there opportunities available directly from an exit from a US firm?

Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide!


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Re: International In-House/Non-Big Law Positions

Postby saffronleaf » Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:41 am

Not OP but also interested

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