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3L Hiring

Postby cjw564 » Wed Apr 13, 2016 4:43 pm

Hi All,

Long time lurker/first time user: I am a rising 3L at HLS. Struck out at EIP - got a regional biglaw SA after a lot of hustle. I expect to get a full time offer from the firm, which takes about 20 SAs and did not no-offer anyone in the past 3 years according to NALP. It has a historical offer rate of around 85%. The firm is in a secondary market and pays slightly below market. I probably would have more discretionary income than working in NY but I want a bigger name on my resume.

My question: how to get a higher vault (or prestigious boutique) firm in 3L? I have about 1 H or DS per semester and no LP. Did really poorly in EIP because of bad grades/bad interview/k-jd/poor bidding. I am working hard to improve my interview skills. My grades will likely stay lackluster this term. After EIP, I tried for a long time to convince myself that presftige is irrelevant. But I cannot overcome the prestige whore side of me and I would not be happy at my current firm.

Exist option is another concern. I want to eventually go in-house at a f500 company/major fund. The firm has some big name corporate and pe/hf clients, but nothing compared to higher ranked firms. If anyone can share any experience about jumping from a regional biglaw SA to a V30, it would be really appreciated.

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