When to send resumes as 2L summer clerk

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When to send resumes as 2L summer clerk

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:24 am

I'm about to start my 3L year. I'm a summer associate at a niche firm with about 3 areas of law they specialize in. If I were offered a job, all associates start out in one specific department because that department has the most need. From what I've heard, they usually keep you there for at least 3 years. During that time, you answer to that department's supervising partner and the majority of your work comes from that department.

Anyway, I HATE that supervising partner. I simply cannot get along with him. It has come to the point that I can't even enjoy going home at night or on the weekend because I know I need to come back in and see this guy. In the past 3 years, 3 associates have quit because they felt the same way. And many of the associate still here complain about him all the time. So its not just me.

So my question is, when is it too early to send out resumes to other firms? I know firms here are going to give offers to their summers end of July, early August. This is also when oci bidding at my school ends for these firms. I don't hate my current job. I actually really like the work and the other lawyers. So I'm planning on only applying to like firms (similar size, similar work, etc.)which leaves about 5 to 7 firms I'm looking at in my area. Is it too soon to start sending now or should I wait until they are going through offers for their own summers? Does the answer change if I know the firm has for whatever reason not hired a summer this year? I know there is no science to this, but I'm just looking for some opinions.

Follow-up question: for anyone who has switched firms their 2L summer going into 3L year, how was your experience? What kind of questions did you get from the firms you applied? When did you tell your current employer you were interviewing at other places? And if you didn't tell your employer, what did you tell to the firms you were interview at about calling your current firm? When did you get your offers?


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