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Mass Mailing questions thread

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:28 am

1. If you have shitty grades at a T-10, is it a good idea to leave out your transcript in the initial mails?

2. Can I mail firms who are coming to my OCI? We have like 200+ firms coming and only 60 bids, and maybe 20 resultant interviews. There are a lot of firms I'm interested in and I plan on going to see the recruiters of any firms I miss in the lottery. Would it be a bad idea to mass mail these firms beforehand? How about after OCI, if I'm not able to interview with them. Something like " I visited at OCI but you couldn't squeeze me in, I'm still really interested in your firm."

3. How do I deal with mailing the same firms in different markets? I have a "dream" market and NYC and many firms overlap between the two. If asked, is it suicide to be like "Yeah I applied to your office in NY because I'm trying to cover my bases" or "Yes I would prefer market X but NYC is okay too" ?

4. If I mail offices that do not have SA programs, are they gonna just ignore it or are they going to tell their other offices that I'm a moron who doesn't do my research

5. Certain firms do not list office hiring contacts but rather the managing partners. How can I find the appropriate address in these scenarios?

6. Nalp has a few offices that have hiring contacts in other offices/states. Should I roll with this? Or is it better to mail someone at the office I'm applying to, even if they aren't a hiring contact.

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Re: Mass Mailing questions thread

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:10 am

Related questions, what should I put in the subject of the email?

Also, if I'm emailing an alum directly, what is a good way to phrase the whole "I want a informational interview but actually I want a real interview" situation? Should I send a resume with my initial email or is that too presumptuous? I'd rather skip the informational interview and go straight to the "putting in a good word for a screener" part of the process, if that's possible.

How about something like "Dear Johnny, I recently submitted my application materials to your recruiting department. If you have the time I would love to talk to you a little about your firm."?

How would this change if the alum is a partner? On that note, is it better to mail a partner or an associate if you have the choice? Partners are more powerful but associates are more likely to care right?

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Re: Mass Mailing questions thread

Postby Kratos » Thu Jun 25, 2015 6:31 pm

there's a mass mailing thread stickied, i'd bet a lot of your questions have been answered there

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