Advice on OCI bidlists (Michigan)?

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Advice on OCI bidlists (Michigan)?

Postby Anonymous User » Sun May 31, 2015 5:13 pm

Hey guys - does anybody from Michigan have advice on building bidlists for OCI? General or specific advice on how to maximize the number of screeners, how to "bid conservatively" while not shortchanging yourself, how to determine what is a "grade cutoff" (e.g. 25%? 50%?), etc. would be appreciated!

I would especially like to hear stories, strategies, and results from people whose GPAs fell around ~3.5-3.7 and were targeting corporate in major markets. Thanks!
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Re: Advice on OCI bidlists (Michigan)?

Postby Anonymous User » Sun May 31, 2015 5:16 pm

Would also appreciate advice

URM female at Michigan with a 3.2 GPA have strong ties to NYC (from northeast) and want to do lit


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Re: Advice on OCI bidlists (Michigan)?

Postby CTT » Sun May 31, 2015 6:34 pm

You should Create a "Michigan OCI 2015" thread or something rather than this, because the advise is entirely school specific.

Here's the data you need: ... 20Data.pdf
and here: ... 5.6.15.pdf


1) Make a list of all the firms you would like to work for (or rather would be willing to work for based on geography etc.).
2) Eliminate from that list any firm for which your GPA is not above their 25 percent historical number (might make an exception if you're a minority, x-military, or just an incredibly compelling person).
4) Sort the list based inversely to the 2014 interview / bid ratio.
5) If a firm has a substantially different number of interview slots this year, adjust accordingly.
6) Adjust somewhat based on personal preferences and recognizing that a good bid list should get you about 20 interviews depending upon GPA. You should aim for firms below 15th on your list to be ones for which a majority of those who requested interviews got them.

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