Where does interview travel reimbursement?

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Where does interview travel reimbursement?

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:15 pm

Is it solely large law firms that will reimburse you for interview travel related expenses (i.e. to interview for the firm) and solely for callbacks? I've never asked anywhere else for reimbursement with the assumption that it doesn't exist (e.g. federal government interviews, state government interviews, smaller/midsize law firms interviews, etc.) Is that pretty accurate that only large firms will do interview travel related expenses and solely for callbacks?

I'm mostly just annoyed because some interviews are costing me $600-700 with flight, hotel, car rental, parking, food, etc., which is kind of bullshit that I need to pay out pocket for what's supposed to be a professional job. I was talking to my friend, who's a manufacturing engineer, and he said literally every place that he's ever interviewed with has reimbursed for interview travel related expenses. Where would it be acceptable to ask if interview travel reimbursement is available? Kind of concerned because I don't want to get dinged for asking about/for reimbursement in places where it is clearly inappropriate (e.g. I remember my law school saying to never ask about it for clerkship interviews and that it generally doesn't exist outside of large firm interviews).

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Re: Where does interview travel reimbursement?

Postby twenty 8 » Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:28 pm

Generally speaking when a firm invites you to meet they make all the travel arrangements (train/plane, hotel). In case they don’t bring it up before your conversation is over, ask whom you need to speak with about travel arrangements. If what you hear is silence, figure you are picking up the tab.
Also, they usually give you the option to do lunch with whomever you are meeting with...usually depends on how many people they are interviewing that day.

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Re: Where does interview travel reimbursement?

Postby Avian » Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:17 pm

It obviously varies. Some government positions, like DOJ Honors, will reimburse some travel expenses for interviews. You should be asking about this since not everyone will voluntarily offer it. I had some firms where I met the recruiters directly at OCI and so they didn't bother to send me information about travel reimbursement for callbacks because they knew I lived in the city. Other firms sent it out as a matter of course. It's certainly not inappropriate to ask, but ask an administrator or someone in recruiting if possible rather than a partner or interviewer.

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