CLASSIC Bird in the Hand Situation. All input appreciated

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CLASSIC Bird in the Hand Situation. All input appreciated

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:20 pm

OK, so I will try and be as concise as possibe.

Currently- and prior to starting law school- I have/had been working at a small personal injury firm (two attorneys). One attorney, who is the original managing partner, has absolutely taken me under his wing. Taking me to court, depositions, paying me ridiculous bonuses (for instance I took this first semester of 1L off and he paid me for the entire semester) I think he has always been looking for a protege, and he liked my work ethic and drive working personal injury and real estate as a para before law school, and took a liking to it. Many company outings with clients he has promised me a job after law school. I have decided to work their this summer, as I have been promised the opportunity to try (smaller) cases, arbitrations, perform closings, etc. Personal Injury is something I would really love to do, trial just excites me, and I think it would be a job I would actually enjoy as an attorney.

However, after grades, and receiving a 4.13 GPA (highest grade in 3 of 4 classes - tier 3) I have been considering the options of interning elsewhere in the future, biglaw career (longshot i guess) or working elsewhere in the future, transfering up etc. My question is, Am i stupid for being reliant and possibly riding this job throughout law school and right into my law career. I have a feeling I MAY be able to be a partner one day, but I guess worse case scenario I could be get screwed somehow.

Any thoughts? Am i worrying too much?


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Re: CLASSIC Bird in the Hand Situation. All input appreciated

Postby ClubberLang » Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:52 pm

Congrats on the great grades. It sounds like you have got a good thing going, but you'll open a lot more doors if you can keep the grades up. I think this would be a great place to work 1L summer, but try to do something new 2L summer. I'm not sure of a state where you could try your own cases or give closings as a 1L, but that is besides the point and you probably don't want to work someone that would let a student handle their clients cases anyway.

With grades like yours you should strongly consider transferring. Good luck. Biglaw certainly isn't out, although you will have a much better shot if you transfer.

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