Summer intern with DA'S office and Solo Practitioner

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Young Marino

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Summer intern with DA'S office and Solo Practitioner

Postby Young Marino » Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:39 pm

So I already have a summer gig lined at my target DA's office (which is my primary interest for employment). The hours are going to flexible and I interned there as a 0L for about a year before law school and formed some really good relationships. However, I may also have an opportunity to intern under a solo practitioner who does small law (real-estate, personal injury) in the same market. I haven't asked for the opportunity yet but I think if I ask him to do it for the experience, he would as he has let me tag along with him to court in the past and he went to my LS. I am considering this for two reasons: (1) I would like to experience in other areas of law and (2) The DA's office I'm trying work in is currently in a hiring freeze and I've been advised by a mentor who works there "not to put all eggs in one basket for now" and that I should do both internships this summer though putting in significantly more time in with the DA's office. Do any small law attorneys or current/former local prosecutors have any advice on how to handle this situation? Thanks.

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