Value to Additional RA work after RA position?

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Value to Additional RA work after RA position?

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:15 pm

Rising 2L, I go to a T20, only ties are to SoCal. Grades are probably bottom 25%, although not bottom 10%. Worked this summer/still working for a health law professor. Health law is interesting, but would also be interested in either the litigation or transactional side of the following: business(UG degree), real estate (best grade 1L was property), L&E. However having said that, would be interested in learning to practice everything except worker's comp. defense, for personal reasons.

Never was biglaw or bust, never had more than the fleeting moment of delusion that would be top 10%, but never expected to be this much below median. Have some interest in gov(realizing that gov is also a grades whore to a certain extent) and PI, but no knowledge of how those timelines move atm given time invested into OCI and area firms.

Despite grades, freak who liked having free reign to research for professor this summer and really looking forward to a volunteer clerk position with a civil unit of the DA's this fall. 2 "leadership" positions with clubs, one of which is considered the old and well respected for the school. Secondary journal. Debt is well south of 100k, and would have no qualms about drastic cuts in expenses to make a 40-50k job work. Not URM, No IP or hard science background, K-JD, a few contacts (maybe 10 or less).

Participated in OCI to the extent feasible because I didn't want to regret having "what-if" thoughts, so bid the full amount and squeezed in something like 18 screeners from being first eager resume dropper to every feasible firm I didn't get an interview for. 4 dings so far, 5 if counting firm I walked in on for shits, giggles, and free Starbucks cards when I found out someone dropped.

TL;DR Question: For bottom of the heap student interested in a wide variety of areas, would it always be good if possible to pick up an extra RA gig for 5-10 hrs during the semester to develop another prof contact, given already existing RA gig? (Is more experience always better?) Extra RA work is roughly within the above listed areas of health, LE, business, etc. Or would those 5-10 hrs be better spent being tossed into raising GPA (if it even matters at this point?)

I realize the question is simple but I thought giving a complete picture of my situation might help answers. Would also be open to any ideas of general approaches to picking up more practical experience to compensate for my GPA. I'm a long time TLS lurker infrequent poster, but most of the threads I found on advising bottom of the barrel students simply say to drop the eff out.


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Re: Value to Additional RA work after RA position?

Postby yankees12 » Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:40 pm

You should calculate out what your GPA could be if you did a little above median for the rest of law school. Then ask yourself whether you would include that GPA on your resume. My guess is that it would still end up below median and you might not report it. I'm not sure if an extra 5-10 hours of studying would make enough difference to matter.

My guess would be that the connection you would make with the other professor might make the additional RA position worth it, but I doubt the experience will add much to your resume that isn't already there. I would use the extra 5-10 hours/week to network and send out applications instead.

But I'm also a rising 2L, so feel free to take my advice with a grain of salt.

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